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Retail customers Norway:

Klarnas betalingsmetoder

I samarbeid med Klarna Bank AB (publ), Sveavägen 46, 111 34 Stockholm, Sweden, tilbyr vi følgende betalingsmetoder. Betalingen går alltid direkte til Klarna.

- Faktura: Forfallsdato er 14 dager fra tidspunktet varene er sendt ut. Faktura vilkårene finner du her.

- Konto: Klarna Konto er en rammekreditt fra Klarna som gir forbrukere mulighet til å betale sine kjøp i månedlige avdrag med 1/24 (minimum 95 NOK) av totalbeløpet. Mer informasjon om Klarna Konto, samt alminnelige fakturavilkår og standardiserte europeiske opplysninger om forbrukerkreditt finner du her.

Her finner du mer informasjon om Klarna, og herkan du lese brukervilkårene deres. Bruken av slike opplysninger reguleres i samsvar med gjeldende personvernlovgivning og Klarnas personvernerklæring.

The invoice is sent to you via e-mail, so be sure to check that your address is correct.
For information about your payment contact Klarna via klarna.com/sv/kundservice

For å kunne tilby deg å bruke Klarnas betalingsmetoder, er vi nødt til å dele visse opplysninger om deg med Klarna. Dette skjer bare dersom du velger Klarna som betalingsmetode. Klarna bruker opplysningene til å bedømme om du kvalifiserer til å bruke betalingsmetodene deres. Opplysningene som brukes er navn, adresse, e-postadresse, telefonnummer, betalingshistorikk samt bestillingsinformasjon slik som betalingsmetode, frakttype, bestillingsdetaljer og lignende.Bruken av slike opplysninger reguleres i samsvar med gjeldende personvernlovgivning og Klarnas personvernerklæring.

Retail customers Sweden:
Varmt välkommen till vår svenska site: https://www.fannymichel.se/

Denmark and Business customers:

Credit card
Pay securely by credit card. We never see your credit card number; the payment goes via Dibs. We have the latest, most secure software for card payments over the internet.

Orders are binding. You must be over 18 years old to order. All prices include VAT.

Personal information
Personal data is handled confidentially and used only to send the order. Data will not be passed to any third party.

Customer service
If you have any questions you are welcome to contact us at info@fannymichel.se
If you’ve never purchased from us in the past and feel unsure about anything, do not hesitate to contact us! We are more than happy to help you! We highly value our customers and therefore go the extra mile to ensure that you will be satisfied.

Do you have questions about the assortment in our stores you are welcome to call there.
Gothenburg: Haga: 031-127207 City: 031-130021
Stockholm: Drottninggatan: 010-401 86 38
Please note that they only respond to questions about the stores.

We deliver within Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland.

Our delivery time to Norway is usually 2-10 business days from the date we received your order due to the customs. To Sweden, Denmark and Finland it's 1-4 business days. (During the holidays, some delay in the delivery may occur)
We ship with PostNord. An order confirmation is automatically sent via e-mail.

If a delivery delay occurs we will notify you via e-mail. You always have the right to cancel the order if a delivery delay occurs. We always do our best to fulfill your order. There may be circumstances that make it impossible to complete the order, for example, when our supplier cannot meet his commitment to us. Compensation is not paid by fannymichel.se in events of a delivery delay.

49 SEK

99 NOK

80 SEK

8 €

Returns, complaints and exhange:
You have the right to exchange or return the goods for 14 days from the date you received the package.
This provided the goods are in resale condition. You can of course try the goods to ensure that they fit, but be careful with makeup, perfume etc. Shoes should only be tested indoors. All labels and original packaging, such as shoeboxes, should be sent back. We reserve the right to make reasonable deductions from the refund amount due to loss of value if you have used or damaged the product or packaging (this includes removing labels or similar from the original product).

When you use our pre-paid return label, you will be charged 69 NOK for return shipping.

We are only responsible for returns that have been sent to us with our return label.
If the label is missing you can always contact our customer service at info@fannymichel.se.

We strive towards that the representation of the products in the webshop should be as close to reality as possible. We cannot guarantee that all pictures accurately reflect the true appearance. For example, we cannot guarantee that the proportions and colors displayed in the webshop exactly reproduces the garments actual proportions and colors. How colors are reproduced depends on your monitor, your graphics card and other settings of your device.

If you wish to exchange an order/item simply place a new order. When you make an exchange, the return charge is on us when using our return label.

If you have any questions you can contact us at info@fannymichel.se or read the FAQ.

We will process your return within 7 business days from the time we receive it.

To address a complaint we require a written description via e-mail, your order number and an image describing the reason for the complaint, sent to info@fannymichel.se to get more information.
Should the package be damaged on arrival, please contact us directly at info@fannymichel.se before opening the package.

We cannot guarantee that a complaint will be approved unless these references are followed.
Should we receive a product in return that is not an approved complaint, we reserve the right to resend the goods and charge the customer 100 SEK.

Unclaimed packages:
If we receive unclaimed packages from PostNord we reserve the right to charge you 150 NOK for covering the costs for the unclaimed package.

Care instructions:
Keep your jewelry free from dirt, cosmetics, hair spray and perfume. Avoid water and harsh chemicals.

The use of fabric softener on clothes can affect its structure, shape and color. This is done at your own risk.
Same goes for the use of stain removers on all of our goods.

Jeans are recommended to wash as rarely as possible as they do not have the same need for washing as other garments. They are preferably aired to keep fresh. However, if you want to wash them, you can do so, but no more often then about every fourth to sixth use.

We reserve ourselves for possible printing errors.

Org.nr: 816 149 622 MVA 


031 - 13 00 21

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411 16 Göteborg


08-14 15 90

Triewaldsgränd 3

111 29 Stockholm

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